I am Kirsti. I am a technical writer and illustrator, graphic designer, and photographer based in Houghton, Michigan. I am a 2016 honors graduate of Michigan Technological University, and I have a Bachelor of Arts in Scientific and Technical Communication and a Certificate in Media. 


As a technical writer, I particularly specialize in documentation consistency and usability. My graphic design work goes hand-in-hand with my technical writing, where I use graphic design aspects to convey a topic better than what words in a Calibri, size 12 font on a page alone would do. I have done work for multiple industries, including higher education, information technology, manufacturing, and the casino gaming industry.


I am a fine art and product photographer. I do both film and digital photography. As a photographer, I photograph everything. I use photography as both a hobby and an outlet to absorb, process, and understand the world around me. Some of my earliest memories include viewing my surroundings through a disposable film camera; however, after a traumatic brain injury, photography became a lifejacket for me to remember the things my mind could not. I have taken a couple of photography classes, but I am mainly self taught. My influences range from Diane Arbus to Anne Leibovitz to contemporary photographers on social media. My photography work has been featured in galleries nationwide.

I use this website to display my graphic design and photography work. Technical writing samples are available upon request.