Michigan Technological University - Houghton, Michigan


August 2016 - April 2016

Working as a media and communications designer for Career Services was my first internship. In this position, I worked on the promotional materials for the events hosted by Career Services, as well as miscellaneous design work that was needed in the office. This is the position where I gained experience designing within corporate brand standards. Most of my work consisted of creating designs based on templates that were developed by STC alumna Leah Humphries.


The promotional slides were one of the main assignments that I worked on, as I updated these slides weekly.

I worked based off of the templates that were already created, but I modified portions of the template to fit the content.

These slides were sent to students through email, as well as displayed throughout campus.

I used Adobe InDesign and Microsoft PowerPoint to create these slides.


This banner I created to promote the events that Career Services was hosting during the Spring 2016 semester. I modified one of Leah's templates for this banner.

These banners were displayed throughout campus.

I used Adobe InDesign to create this banner.


This was one of my favorite projects, and not because I am being biased as this was an event hosted by the STC program. For the promotional slide for this event, I was instructed to design it differently than the typical promotional slides that I was doing. I created this slide design by playing around with aspects of the original template.

I also created a sandwich board display for the event, which was shown outside of the Rosza center. I incorporated my personal style into this design, as can be seen in the header that appears to be taped on.

I used Microsoft PowerPoint to create the promotional slide, and I used Adobe InDesign to create the sandwich board display.

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