Iron Mountain, Michigan


May 2016 - December 2016

For my second internship, I was hired as a technical writer to document policies and procedures throughout the company. Most of my work consisted of inter- and cross-departmental collaboration. In this position, I also learned about Scrum methodology, and I used it in my everyday work.

Along with writing and updating company documents, I also was given miscellaneous design assignments. Below are some of the projects that I worked on. 



I was asked to create a flyer describing the internship program at CCI. CCI asked its previous and current interns to supply a quote about their internship experience, which were included in the flyer.

I then created the flyer and designed it based off of CCI's branding. The header image that I used is from CCI's website.

These flyers were handed out at the Fall 2016 Career Fair at Michigan Tech. I have received permission from the interns quoted to include their photos and quotes in my portfolio.

I used Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator to create this flyer.

Displayed with permission from CCI Systems, Inc., and from the people featured and quoted in this flyer.


Citizen Developer Certificate Final.png

To start off describing the project, CCI uses citizen developers. I am still learning what a citizen developer is, but from my understanding, these are the people who create applications that CCI uses throughout the company.

A citizen developer ninja is a person who, as per my boss’s wording,” is an advanced excel user who can develop, test, and modify an app, [as well as] efficiently manage an app.”

My job was to create a certificate for the those whom are skilled enough to be considered a citizen developer ninja. I created a mock-up that was similar to a graduation diploma. However, because the subject involved ninjas, I created the certificate to be dark and not the easiest to see. As I explained to my boss, I did this solely because, "ninjas, you can't see them!"

I have to give my boss credit for the font. The font used is Seven Swordsmen BB.

I used Microsoft Publisher to create this certificate.

Displayed with permission from CCI Systems, Inc. 


December 2016 - March 2017

After I graduated from Michigan Tech, I was given a job offer from CCI to continue with the work that I was doing in my internship. It was deliberately chosen to have my title change to technical communicator, as opposed to technical writer, because my boss wanted me to continue doing design assignments along with my technical writing duties.


My supervisor at CCI Systems, Inc. was chosen to speak at QuickBase Empower 2017.

Similar to the Citizen Developer Ninja Certificate that I designed during my internship at CCI, I was assigned to design a t-shirt for the group attending the conference with my supervisor. 

I played around with a mix of ninja and nerd themes for this design. My boss requested that the back of the shirt have a style similar to biker patches on a jacket. I played around with this design, but tweaked it to resemble the people who will be wearing the shirt: instead of hardcore bikers, Citizen Developers are hardcore nerds. 

Fun fact: The binary code on the left patch is the binary code for "CCI Systems, Inc." I used an online binary code generator to create the code.  

The design was created with Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign. 

Displayed with permission from CCI Systems, Inc.