My friend Kristina contacted me because wanted pictures done of Dale, her daughter, for her great grandmother's birthday. I came up with the idea of using the balloons because of how these photos were going to be a birthday present. I was inspired to keep going with the birthday theme.  

Kristina saw the turquoise basket in the store and thought it would be cute to include in the photoshoot. Dale had a swimsuit from Kristina's mom that we decided to incorporate in as well. The photoshoot became two mini shoots: the first, this water/swimming theme, where I used only blue balloons as a playful prop to depict water; the second, a colorful, birthday-inspired photoshoot. 

I photographed everything. I photographed Dale in the tub. I photographed Dale falling over in the tub. I photographed Dale in the balloons. I photographed Dale crying in the balloons (as you can see in the last photo). I wanted to capture everything for the parents. I have seen the nostalgia in parents when they reminisce about their kids. I wanted to capture these moments as tangible memories that the parents can look back on and smile from. 

For this photoshoot, I had my Pentax K-50, a 18-55 mm lens and the parents waving and making animated expressions behind me so that Dale would look towards me and smile. 

I used Lightroom for the general color manipulation. I used Photoshop to edit the photos because, unknown to the viewer, in between the happy photos was a baby who was either hungry, sad that she fell over in her tub, or experiencing the common baby phase known as "stranger anxiety" towards me. When Dale noticed her parents behind me and became happy again, you could still see it in her face that she had been crying prior to the photo being taken. I used Photoshop to remove that residual redness in her face.

Note: posted with permission from the parents. 

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