Women's Leadership Council of Michigan Tech


This was a project that I did as the Love Your Body Action Team chair for the Women’s Leadership Council, title the "Love Your Body Photo Campaign". The purpose of this campaign was to highlight positive comments that people on campus made about their bodies. I took all of the photos that were taken, combined them with the quotes that people said, and created a banner that ended up being thirteen feet by five feet. This banner was displayed in the Michigan Tech Library.

I used Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign to create this banner.

International Exchange Student Guide 2013-2014

HU2600 Introduction to Scientific and Technical Communication


The International Exchange Student Handbook was a project that I created as a part of a group assignment for the HU2600 Introduction to Scientific and Technical Communication (STC) class. I collaborated on this project with then-STC students Theresa Tran and Stephanie Hubble.

The purpose of this project was to create a handbook for International Programs and Services (IPS) of Michigan Tech. This handbook would be a resource for incoming exchange students.

I was the designer in the group, and I created the design for the handbook. I based the design on the Michigan Tech student I.D. design. I did this to create a sense of visual familiarity for incoming exchange students.

This group project was a sort of competition between the groups of the class. The winning handbook would be selected for publishing. My group's handbook was the one that was chosen to be published.

To create the design, I used Adobe Illustrator.


HU3650 Introduction to Web Design


I created this website as my final project for the HU3650 Introduction to Web Design course at Michigan Tech.

I chose to put my navigation bar over the eyes of the model on the website because, at the time of creation, my design projects revolved around anonymity. I find that anonymity creates an unanswerable sense of curiosity, and I wanted to work that into my design.

In this project, I used CSS3, HTML5, and a little bit of Javascript. I used Adobe Dreamweaver to create this project.

Screen Shot 2016-12-09 at 9.22.58 AM.png

HU3120 Introduction to Technical Communication


This project was a part of an assignment for Michigan Tech's HU3120 Introduction to Technical Communication course. For this project, students in the class were assigned to groups to edit and create a revised document for an actual user manual that was used in Ghana.

In my group were the following four then-Michigan Tech students: Colton Dibbs, Phil Bednarczyk, Josh Kohlhase, and Jake Jurkowski.

My duty in the group was to create the design for the document and to act as an editor.

There was a lot of research that my group did on the country of Ghana to create this user manual. In our research, we found that the people of Ghana like to wear a lot of colorful outfits. Because of this, I included a lot of color in the design. The main component of the design is the dark blue portion of the headers. According to our research, the people of Ghana were not as trusting of the government. I used this color of blue to create a sense of trustworthiness in the document.

I used Adobe InDesign and Adobe Photoshop to create this revised user manual. I also implemented my knowledge of color psychology in the document.

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 2.28.58 PM_zpsewwfse4v.png

HU2645 Graphic and Information Design


The goal of this assignment was to create a logo for a local company. This project was a part of the HU2645 Graphic and Information Design course at Michigan Tech. 

The name "Gitche Gumee," was was the Chippewa Indians used to describe Lake Superior. It translates to "big lake." I worked this idea into my design: the blue and red curves were inspired by photos of the Lake Superior shoreline. The blue curve represents water. The red curve would be the shore, however, I made the curve red to reflect an apple. The green curve is supposed to signify an apple stem. The overall image is supposed to be an abstract, apple-like figure. 

The owner of the company liked retro fonts. For the "Gitche Gumme" text, I used a commercially free font that was similar to the font used for the 1960's sitcom, "Bewitched." I chose a semi-serif font for "Ciderworks" because I felt that a sans-serif font—combined with the Bewitched-like font—would have made the logo seem too young for the market that the company appealed to. 

I used Adobe Illustrator to create this logo.