HU 4626 International Technical Communication

This project was the final assignment for the HU 4626 International Technical Communication course. For this assignment, the class was split up into groups, and each group was assigned to conduct usability testing on certain areas of the Like A Local travel app.

The students in my group included the following STC students: Nicole Bonefant, Rebecca Driver, and Rachel Fernstrum.

Our group conducted usability testing on the San Fransisco page of the Like A Local app. We then included our findings from the usability testing in our report, as well as recommendations that we had based on those results.

Screen Shot 2016-12-09 at 9.00.06 AM.png


HU 4628 Usability and Instructions Writing

This was a project that I did for the HU 4628 Usability and Instructions Writing course. For this project, each student was designed to create an instruction guide for something that was not commonly known by others. I have experience doing special effects makeup from my work at the local Halloween superstore, so I decided to write an instruction manual for how to do special effects makeup. The catch of my project was that I used supplies that are common to find. Some of these items include: lipstick, Elmer's glue, and eyeliner. I did also include instructions on how to use Liquid Latex, but I included use of the Elmer's glue for people who had latex allergies.

The second part of this project was to conduct usability testing on our instruction set. We then made edits to our instructions based on our findings. We then repeated the process and did another round of usability tests and revisions.

My instruction set became successful and my users were eventually able to recreate similar versions of the special effects makeup that I depicted in my document.

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